*I'm a Social Media Influencer that reviews collectibles & toys.  Will you sponsor me?

We love the online toy community and would be happy to hear how we can work together.  Please introduce yourself by sending an email to advertising@sleemotrading.com and let us know a little about yourself.


*Why do some figures have Protective Case Options and many do not?  

As lifelong collectors, we had the same question.  The simple answer is, there just aren't options to protect the vast majority of Action Figures.  Not good ones, anyway.  So, we decided to make some changes.  At launch, we can only offer handful of protective cases that were both readily available and semi-cost effective.   After a great response in test marketing, we decided to increase the number of cases available for our Pre-Order Bonus program and will continue to add to the selection regularly. 

Our plans for the future will revolutionize the way Action Figures are sold.  We can't wait to share the news in the not so distant future. 

In addition, we partnered with MOC Masters to offer a Premium UV protective case for select figure lines as well. (MOC Masters cases are only available as an upgrade to our standard cases & are not available for individual sale at this time).


*Can I make purchases in-person?

There is currently no brick & mortar retail store or showroom to visit.  We are currently an online only store.  However, we are tossing some ideas around for a concept store unlike anything currently in existance for toys & collectibles.  Although we'd love to talk about it all day long, we're gonna keep that concept close to the vest for now ;)


*How did you get started?

Sleemo Trading was created out of love for movies, tv shows, pop culture, music, art & most of all... collecting.  As a lifelong collector, our Sith Lord, Steve got very frustrated with how collecting had changed over the years.  Gone are the days of running to your favorite retailer for the big unveiling of all the new figures.  Now... you have to fight online bots and are lucky to even get a pre-order in.  Only to (maybe) receive your figures in (hopefully) not destroyed condition.  Even when the do arrive in good shape, the whole unboxing experience is pretty underwhelming.  Steve, so missed the days of opening a pack of cards and getting that stale stick of gum that had about 2 minutes of taste.  He missed the free product stickers, the collecting & mailing in Proof-of-purchases for free stuff, fun catalogs, contests, surprises, etc.  So... the idea was to bring that fun back.  We hope you love being a part of the Sleemo Fam because this is for all of you, the big kid collectors who have been getting the shaft for years. 


*Why is your shipping $6

To be straight-forward... shipping costs are crazy these days.  We know about the big-box retailers with free shipping, 2-day shipping, etc.  It just isn't possible for specialty stores like us.  Unlike other toy stores, we ship our figures in protective cases.  This increases the "dimensional weight" of shipments dramatically.  So much so, that even at $6 per shipment, we don't recoup that cost.  Not even close.  But... we wanted something simple and cost-effective for everyone.  $6 sounded reasonable.  We also take extra time in packing every shipment in a way that protects your collectibles in transit.  This costs us more too but we refuse to skimp on that.  


*Can we combine multiple orders/Pre-Orders to ship them all at once?

Currently, we ship pre-orders as soon as they become available.  So, it's possible to have multiple shipments on one order or one shipment on multiple orders.  If we notice that you have other items that we expect very soon, we will delay your shipment a few days and add the other items to save you on the shipping.  If it's going to be longer than a week or so, we may email you asking if you want to wait or ship now.  We are currently working on a "Treasure Chest" for our members.  Soon, you will be able to choose whether to ship items as we get them, or put them in your Treasure Chest so you can have one big shipment.  This feature is in development.  Please let us know if there are particular features you would like to see & we may take suggestions into consideration.


*Can I add or subtract quantity to a pre-order after I have checked out?  

You may subtract the quantity of an item or cancel it all, hassle free.  Send us an email to orders@sleemotrading.com letting us know what you would like to change.  As for adding quantity, you would need to add the additional quantity to a new order.  We developed a complicated fulfilment system that takes into consideration how many of an item we have on order and reserves all your pre-orders by each item.  Our pre-orders are fulfilled 1st-in, 1st-out.  This means, if you were the 5th person to pre-order a particular item, your "place in line" for that item is 5th. If you were to add more a week or month later, there would be many orders from other customers inbetween.  It would be quite unfair to pull from someone else's order to fulfil add-on's.  Usually, this isn't a big deal.  We order enough quantity of each item so that if you were to place an additional order later, chances are, it may still be fulfilled at the same time.  We don't oversell what we have on order.  So, unless our shipment is damaged, stolen or seized by the Empire, you should get what you have pre-ordered.  I would look at the expected date on the product page.  We update that when we place additional Purchase Orders.  Also when we receive notice that a shipment is delayed.


*My Pre-Order was supposed to arrive this month, it hasn't.  When am I getting it?

"I am altering the deal... pray I don't alter it any further" - Darth Vader

In this situation, we are unfortunately Lando Calrissian. 

This is the harsh reality of the supply chain.  Sometimes things come in later, sometimes, earlier & sometimes they cancel an entire line.  Manufacturers do things in their own time, their own pace & there's just nothing we can do to change that.  They give us an estimated date, allow us to offer them up for pre-sale and that's it.  They aren't bound to honor that date or meet any deadlines.  Big-Box retailers have separate deals worked out and they have their own boats now that transport product overseas.  So, most of the time, you may see popular items show up in small quantities at those big stores weeks before online retailers get them.  Sometimes, we receive items before they do though.  There really is no way to guarantee an estimated date.  However, we try to stay as up to date as possible. 


*I have a product that would be perfect for Sleemo Trading!  Will you offer it on the site?

We will always be looking to add new products to our store.  Send us as much info as possible.  If you have samples to review, even better.  Introduce yourself by sending an email to info@sleemotrading.com


*Am I able to purchase or pre-order more than 10 of an item?  That's all I can add to the cart.

Yes.  We limit items to 10 at checkout to prevent pre-order abuse, bots & fraud.  If you would like to purchase more than 10 per item, please email info@sleemotrading with your contact info.  


*Are there promo codes or volume discounts?

We believe all of our customers deserve to shop knowing the price listed is the same price everyone will pay.  So, we don't do promo codes of volume discounts.  We do, however always have products on sale, promotional offers, Pre-Order bonuses, freebies & contests available to everyone.


*What are Sleemo Credits?

Sleemo Credits are our Rewards Currency.  You earn credits that can be cashed in for future pruchases on our site.  Sleemo Credits are not redeemable for cash.  This program is in development but credits earned now will be retroactively added when it goes live.  You earn Sleemo Credits with every dollar spent on the site.  Pre-Order credits are applied after shipment, not at time of checkout. 

There are additional ways of earning Sleemo Credits such as: Declining the Pre-Order Bonus cases, Creating an account, Referring new customers, Contests, Social Media engagement & more.  Details will be updated as the program evolves. 


More coming soon!

Please feel free to send questions to faq@sleemotrading.com