Pre-Order Bonus

(Free & Discounted Protective Display Case Promotion)


When you order with Sleemo Trading, you will be given options to ship your figures in protective display cases (if available for that particular item).  In the case of a Pre-Order, we include a standard protective case with your figure at no extra charge.  That's right, a Pre-Order Bonus!  Finally, an actual reason & incentive to Pre-Order your figures other than just the fear of missing out.  For In-Stock figures that have Case options, we offer our standard cases at half-off of our already low price.  To make things even better, it won't increase your shipping cost because we offer $6 Flat-Rate shipping on every shipment. (See our Shipping policy HERE).

Of course, nothing can completely guarantee your items arriving undamaged but Sleemo Trading gives you the best chances.  We use shipping boxes with a 32lb minimum crush rating & expertly pack your items using a combination of recycled bubble wrap & gentle tissue filler to reinforce the shipper box without overpacking it. (Packing too tight can cause a lot of pressure on your items when Boxes are stacked during transit) The boxes are sealed in heavy duty, tamper proof, fiberglass reinforced tape that also strengthens the integrity of the box.  So, even if there isn't a protective display case available for your particular item or you choose to go without one, you're still well protected.  


Current Pre-Order Bonus Case Lineup:

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection (2-piece clamshell design - reg. price $2.99)

Star Wars: The Black Series (Rectangle Box fits Red/Black & Galaxy packaging - reg. price $2.99)

Marvel Legends 6" (Rectangle box fits standard Marvel Legends 6", will not fit deluxe or retro - reg. price $2.99)

Super7: ReAction (2-piece clamshell design - reg. price $2.99)

Various other 6x9 carded figures (2-piece clamshell design - reg. price $2.99)

Coming in March/April:

G.I. Joe: Classified
Star Wars: The Black Series (Galaxy packaging with slanted side)
Star Wars: The Black Series Deluxe (Galaxy packaging with slanted side)
Marvel Legends 6" (Improved design)

In Development: ETA - 3rd Qtr 2022:

DC Multiverse/other McFarlane (Standard packaging)
DC Multiverse/other McFarlane (Collect to Build)
Star Wars: The Black Series (Carded Figures 40th/50th anniversary)
Star Wars: The Black Series Archive
Masters of the Universe Masterverse: Revelations
Marvel Legends Deluxe
Marvel Legends Infinity

In addition to our Sleemo Trading Pre-Order Bonus cases, we also offer MOC Masters Premium UV Protective cases (Can only be added on to eligible figure purchase.  Cannot be purchased seperately.  Not for individual sale.)