$6 Flat Rate Shipping


Sleemo Trading offers $6 Flat Rate shipping for all orders in the contigious US.  Must ve a valid address.  Sorry, no P.O.Boxes. Shipments to HI, AK & US territories will be calculated according to dimensional weight.  For customers outside the 48 contigious states, please see bottom of page. 

Sorry, we do not ship internationally at this time.

Our standard for shipping will always be top notch.  That's why we use quality materials & take the extra time to make sure your shipment is arranged and packed in a manner fitting a collectible.  We can't predict what conditions or abuse the packages may receive in transit.  So, it's even more important to pack every shipment in a manner optimal for ultimate protection.  While others are cutting costs, we're sparing no expense.  You deserve it.

We use 200 lb test shipping boxes & expertly pack your items using a combination of recycled bubble wrap & gentle tissue filler to reinforce the shipper box without overpacking it. (Packing too tight can cause a lot of pressure on your items when Boxes are stacked during transit.  Packing too loose doesn't offer enough resistance from box crushing) The boxes are sealed in heavy duty, tamper proof, reinforced tape that also strengthens the integrity of the box.  

Having your figures shipped in protective cases is highly recommended.  So, we offer half-price cases for in-stock figures & Free cases when you pre-order. (Not all figures have cases available but we're trying to change that.)  Please refer to our Pre-Order Bonus info HERE and always check the options on each figure's product page. 


HI, AK & US Territories

There are many variables that change the dimensional weight of a package. Since we offer protective cases that increase the dimensional weight significantly, we calculate shipping after your items are packed to avoid overcharging customers in HI, AK & the US territories.  We will do our best to ship in the most cost effective manner without compromising our high standards.