The Mandalorian FiGPiN #737 (Limited Edition) Boba Fett

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The Mandalorian FiGPiN 737 Limited Edition Boba Fett-1 The Mandalorian FiGPiN 737 Limited Edition Boba Fett-2 The Mandalorian FiGPiN 737 Limited Edition Boba Fett-3 The Mandalorian FiGPiN 737 Limited Edition Boba Fett-4
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*This is an item from the "Sleemo Vault".

Vault items are priced to reflect the current market value rather than standard retail pricing.  The type of items you may find here are: chase variants, limited editions, retired items, errors, exclusives, etc.  These items are hard to come by and we try to offer them at a lower rate than the average purchase price found online.  All items in the Vault are "In-Stock" or "Sold Out", never Pre-Order.  We keep the sold-out listings live for your reference so you can see the type of items we have had in the past.

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